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Here are a couple of studies done last year. I wanted to see just how realistic a look I could get with the pencil tools in Corel Painter.

The first is a working portrait of Rosario Dawson. I never finished it, but you get the idea. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

As you can see, the tools are pretty convincing. The paper texture can even be seen through the shading. All it needs is a few smudges from handling the paper and it could probably pass for real. The image was done entirely digitally using my Intuos 4 tablet and Painter’s “Real HB & 2B Pencils.”


I also played around with Painter’s Charcoals for this portrait of George Carlin. The best part was when I was done, there was no mess!


Mike T / Alex Doumergue Snowboard:

I was really excited to work on this project for Imperium Snowboards 2009 collection. The art director gave me the freedom to create whatever I wanted for this painting. Since I have always been a fan of the 70’s Black Exploitation films and posters, I came up with this theme. It seemed like a logical fit, “Snow & Black Action movie,” why not?

I’ve attached a video below of one of the actual boards. The book I used to show scale is, “What it is… What it Was!” It is, without a doubt, one of the most referenced books in my library. I used Corel Painter to create this, and will be posting a few working pictures later.

Although I completed this illustration early in 2008, I wasn’t allowed to talk about it until the board was available for sale a year later. Ultimately the board never made it to stores, due to some company restructuring. The entire ’09 delivery was scrapped for financial reasons. The good news is, I was sent one of the five prototypes produced. So even though I was looking forward to having my art on a board people could own, I can’t get too upset.

Hope you dig it.

Earlier this year I was asked to contribute to two books coming out later this month.

In the book “Secrets of Corel Painter Experts,” I give a tutorial of the painting created for the movie First Sunday. There is also a pretty extensive interview as well as tips and tricks. The companion DVD includes videos of my Vibe Jay Z illustration, wallpapers, some of my personal brushes and more.  Secrets of Corel Painter Experts can be pre-ordered here.

My work and a tutorial are also featured in the book “Digital Collage and Painting, Second Edition.” I chose to walk through the Michael Cera poster art from the film, “Youth In Revolt” in this book. Digital Collage and Painting, Second Edition can be pre-ordered here.


I created this painting back in March of 2007. Aside from the countless hours of enjoyment I’ve had listening to this man’s music, it is significant to me for another reason. This is my first illustration using the application Corel Painter.

For years I’d been using Photoshop to paint, but I wanted a more “natural” look for this piece. Despite the fact that I left my comfort zone to paint “Donuts,” I’m pretty proud of it. I guess you could say I was inspired. For that reason, this will always be one of my favorite pieces.

If you like it too, and want to see it made into a series of limited edition Giclee prints signed by Jay Dee’s mom, please click here to vote. Proceeds will be donated to the J Dilla Foundation.

I came up with the title for my blog for two reasons:

One, I’m not a big writer.  I’d rather be painting to be completely honest, but I do want a place to discuss my work.  Over the past few years I’ve worked with some great clients, and have taken part in some really interesting projects.   I’ll be sharing that type of news here.

The other reason I chose the title is, I’m a huge fan of the movie “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” In fact, it might just be the most important movie of our time.  That being said, what better way to pay homage than by borrowing a quote?  Let me assure you, I don’t think “I’m a pretty big deal.”  Although some people do, in fact, “know me.”