Mike T / Alex Doumergue Snowboard:

I was really excited to work on this project for Imperium Snowboards 2009 collection. The art director gave me the freedom to create whatever I wanted for this painting. Since I have always been a fan of the 70’s Black Exploitation films and posters, I came up with this theme. It seemed like a logical fit, “Snow & Black Action movie,” why not?

I’ve attached a video below of one of the actual boards. The book I used to show scale is, “What it is… What it Was!” It is, without a doubt, one of the most referenced books in my library. I used Corel Painter to create this, and will be posting a few working pictures later.

Although I completed this illustration early in 2008, I wasn’t allowed to talk about it until the board was available for sale a year later. Ultimately the board never made it to stores, due to some company restructuring. The entire ’09 delivery was scrapped for financial reasons. The good news is, I was sent one of the five prototypes produced. So even though I was looking forward to having my art on a board people could own, I can’t get too upset.

Hope you dig it.