Wow, I’ve been waiting a long time to post these images!!!  I started working with Hasbro back in April of 2009.  They commissioned me to work on their relaunch of the GI Joe figure line.  The company wanted to update the look and feel of the packaging to be a bit more edgy to match the upcoming,(At the Time)”Rise of Cobra” film.  Over the next eight months, I painted eleven individual Joe and Cobra characters to be used as box art.

Cobra Star Viper Action Figure

Hasbro provided photos of the prototype toy above for me to use as reference.

Pose and Drawing

For all of the characters that I painted, I first took a couple of digital picts to decide on the pose and lighting.  After illustrating about nine guys, I finally got wise and picked up a large Sideshow Collectibles figure for reference (MUCH BETTER!) Once the client signed off on my pose, the line drawing was next.

This was my first character and just happened to be the most challenging.  He had to define the style I would use for everyone else, so I really wanted to go all out with the level of detail.  What took me a while to figure out was the helmet.  As you can see from the toy, there are several angles so it was more of a technical drawing than I am use to.  It took me a while, but I eventually got it.

Working Paint

I wanted this guy to have a ton of textures on the various gear he is wearing. The one thing I knew early on was I wanted his boots to have a Darth Vader look to them.  They needed a High gloss Playstation 3 type of finish.  Since this was the only thing I was sure about early on in my render, I did his boots first.  Once they were done, the rest started to fall in place.

Working Star Viper Paint.

Finished  Star Viper Art(Click for Larger View).

G.I. JOE®©2011 Hasbro, Inc. Used with Permission

Here are the final images. The entire painting took me about a week. Once this one was completed the rest went a bit quicker. The software used was Corel Painter 11 and Photoshop CS 5. All my paints were done with Painter, and Photoshop was used for color tweaking and CMYK conversion.

GI Joe Star Card

Somewhere along the line the direction for the toy line changed and all of my guys fell into a two year limbo. I’m still not certain which ones made it to store shelves or not. However, Hasbro is an AWESOME client so it’s all good! I’ll be posting more images as I get the approvals.

In the mean time, here is a sneak preview of my reference for “Snake Eyes.”