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Today I thought I’d share my illustration for the P.O.C. Cobra Fury Alley Viper.  Hasbro went through several changes in this line and as a result this piece, like several others I painted, was never actually produced.  The figure below was packaged with a Cobra vehicle.  Click on any of the images for a larger view.

Alley Viper prototype figure provided by Hasbro.

To give this guy a dynamic pose I set up my tripod and shot some reference.  I know his face is covered, so I have no explanation for my expression, hah.  My son even helped out by throwing on his ninja gear and letting me snap a few picts of his mask.  Once Hasbro approved the photos, I began my drawing.  I didn’t spend too much time on my pencils so I would have more time to paint.

Viper Pose and Mask Reference.

Alley Viper Rough and Line drawing.

In addition to my photos, I downloaded several .jpegs of military gear and weapons to make this painting as accurate as possible.  With only three days left on my deadline, it was definitely time to paint!  As with all my other pieces, I blocked in the basic colors and forms first, then worked the detail.  Since this guy is wearing all black I had to focus on textures and lighting to make him pop.  Because the transitions are so subtle he was a bit more challenging than the others.

Working color block step one.

Working Color Block Step Two.

Working Color Block Step Three.

Working Color Block Step Four.

Approved Final Artwork (click to enlarge).

As I mentioned earlier, even though my painting was approved, in the end they went with another artist for the box art.  This is the version that was used.

Alley Viper File Card.

I just want to give a shout and thanks to user WreckedUm for finding what my file card art “would have” looked like had it been used for retail!  See below.  Let me know what you think.  I’ll be posting a new painting next week.  As always, Please comment, subscribe, and share!  YO JOE!


Corel has posted my latest tutorial webinar for Painter 12.  In the video, I detail how I painted the image below.  If you missed it or want to check it out again, Please comment on the Corel Painter 12 YouTube page.  If enough people ask, I’ll do another.

Press play and click the 360p pulldown menu and switch to 720pHD, then expand to full screen for best viewing results.

Another in the series of box art I painted for Hasbro’s GI Joe figures.

Spec sheet for figure provided by Hasbro.

This time I was given a spec sheet rather than photos of the prototype toy. All of the needed weapons and colors were provided. I like when things are this straight forward. It allowed me to concentrate on the render. Like the other paintings in this series, I used Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop CS 4.

Line drawing.

Rough sketch and clean line sent to client. My line was pretty much accepted as sent, however the blade attachment went from the original two to three blades. Also the gauntlets changed a bit. A very easy fix.

Approved finished paint (click to enlarge).

Since the color scheme on this guy was so simple, I wanted to add some serious texture to break apart his uniform.

Detail view (Click to enlarge).

Oh, the uniform changed on this guy a few times since I completed the art. So I’m pretty sure my version never saw store shelves. Below is the toy though, would have been cool… I think.

Hope you like it! I will continue to post these when I have time. Think I’ll put up Scarlett next. Please feel free to comment and subscribe!

Hey everyone, Corel has asked me to host an online Painter 12 tutorial on September 16th from 12-1pm EST. I will be detailing how to paint a celebrity likeness (Will Ferrel as Ron Burgundy Anchorman). I will be covering my techniques of going from a pencil drawing to finished painting. Also, I will be pointing out some of my favorite features of the “Illustration Workspace” which Corel includes with Painter 12.

The good news is registration is free, however there is only room for 100 people to join. I will be answering questions from the viewers at the end of the webinar.

Click Here to Register. I hope to see you there! Oh, here is a preview of the piece I will be painting…

Papa Burgundy