Last year I was asked by Warner Bros to illustrate 30 individual pieces of art for their new Green Lantern Animated television show. It was a huge project that took me about six months to complete. Now that the Cartoon Network series has aired it’s first episode I can show my work!

So first let me explain, I did NOT do any animation. I did paint all the art assets that are used to promote the show and in print. This was an incredibly cool project for a comic fan/nerd such as myself!

The style looks nothing like my usual work, but that is the point. The show is a CG animated show in the vein of Star Wars The Clone Wars. That being said, I needed to match the look of the 3D character reference provided by Warner Bros/DC Comics. Warner provided me a style sheet with 3D turnarounds of all the Lantern characters. Next they had their artists create the poses for each figure I needed to render. Legendary comic artist, Bruce Timm oversaw the pencils I was given, so I knew they would be awesome. My job was to paint each piece to look as close as possible to the 3D source material of the show.

So why not just use the original 3D models from the show, you might ask? Long story short, it pays to build a good working relationship with your clients. I’ve worked on a number of projects with Warner Bros over the years, and I generally don’t question a good thing. Below are a small sample of the illustrations. I have many more characters to show. Maybe I’ll post more in the future if enough people are interested.

Let me know if you like it and want to see more! I just watched the 2 hour premier of the show and am even more excited I was able to be a part of it. Please feel free to share.