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Wondering what I’ll be working on for my Corel Painter 12 webinar? I could be cryptic and just say it will be… “super,” or I can just tell you…

Today I’ll be painting my rendition of Big City Entertainment’s premiere Action Hero, BROTHERMAN: DICTATOR OF DISCIPLINE! 

It’s creator, Emmy Award winner, Dawud Anyabwile has teamed up with Brian McGee to re-envision BROTHERMAN for a new generation.

Join me to see my take on this ICONIC superhero using Corel Painter 12!

“DON’T MISS IT!” Today @ 12PM EST!

*Update: I had a lot of fun with my tutorial today.  So much so, I spent an extra 45 minutes painting and answering questions!   If you missed my webinar today you didn’t see me paint this…

Corel will be posted the video on their Painter 12 Youtube channel.


Click Here to play video.

Jay Z Process Video Part Three.


been two years in the making, but I finally got around to cutting together the final video of my making of Jay Z illo! One thing to note is how seamlessly Photoshop and Painter work. I did this illustration when I was still becoming comfortable with Painter.

That being said, I spent a good bit of time rendering Jay using Adobe Photoshop CS3. I worked the background and painted over Jay using Corel Painter 11. Also, I used several different picts of Jay Z and lighting shots of myself to get the mood of this one. If you look closely, you’ll catch them.


Here is how the finished painting appeared in the magazine.


Note: The soundtrack is pretty tame, but you might want to turn it down if there are kids watching, a few words got by me.

Now I need to get ready for my Painter 12 tutorial tomorrow!  Hope you can join me, I have something special planned!  if you like this piece, Please comment and Share!


I haven’t really done a lot of personal sales of my art.  However I have been getting a whole lot of requests for this piece.  I want to gauge interest, by starting with these sets of cards.  I have made a limited number and am now offering them for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing please contact me.

Click Image to Enlarge.

Click here to Join me for my next Free Corel Painter 12 Webinar!

January 17th 12PM EST I’ll be teaching my third live webinar for Corel Painter.  I have something special in mind for the subject, hope you can join me!  I’ll be answering questions over cookies and milk @ the end.  (Registration is Free but you have to bring own cookies.)  Please share and I hope to see you then!