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I’ll be taking part in another Webinar with one of my favorite companies of all time Wacom on March 20th.  Click here to register.  As always this is a free online seminar, although if you want to pay that is fine too.  Hope to see you there!


Wondering what I’ll be working on for my Corel Painter 12 webinar? I could be cryptic and just say it will be… “super,” or I can just tell you…

Today I’ll be painting my rendition of Big City Entertainment’s premiere Action Hero, BROTHERMAN: DICTATOR OF DISCIPLINE! 

It’s creator, Emmy Award winner, Dawud Anyabwile has teamed up with Brian McGee to re-envision BROTHERMAN for a new generation.

Join me to see my take on this ICONIC superhero using Corel Painter 12!

“DON’T MISS IT!” Today @ 12PM EST!

*Update: I had a lot of fun with my tutorial today.  So much so, I spent an extra 45 minutes painting and answering questions!   If you missed my webinar today you didn’t see me paint this…

Corel will be posted the video on their Painter 12 Youtube channel.

Click Here to play video.

Jay Z Process Video Part Three.


been two years in the making, but I finally got around to cutting together the final video of my making of Jay Z illo! One thing to note is how seamlessly Photoshop and Painter work. I did this illustration when I was still becoming comfortable with Painter.

That being said, I spent a good bit of time rendering Jay using Adobe Photoshop CS3. I worked the background and painted over Jay using Corel Painter 11. Also, I used several different picts of Jay Z and lighting shots of myself to get the mood of this one. If you look closely, you’ll catch them.


Here is how the finished painting appeared in the magazine.


Note: The soundtrack is pretty tame, but you might want to turn it down if there are kids watching, a few words got by me.

Now I need to get ready for my Painter 12 tutorial tomorrow!  Hope you can join me, I have something special planned!  if you like this piece, Please comment and Share!


I am pleased to announce that one of my very recent pieces has been accepted to the Macworld / iWorld Digital Art Gallery.

“Macworld / iWorld is the world’s ultimate fan event for those who use, create, and love Apple products. Attendees will encounter a unique celebration of Apple technology-infused art, music, and film, as well as learning opportunities.”

My fan painting of Marvel’s iconic character Thor will be on display along with selected other digital works of art at the show in San Francisco January 26-28, 2012.

Being a die hard Apple fan and 20+ year user, and a life time Marvel fan, I am especially glad to be part of this event and have this piece chosen! If you are in the area and happen to see it please send me a photo.

Marvel Comics Character Thor All Rights Reserved 2011

It’s bad when you create so much art that you forget work you’ve done.  I was going through some old emails and found this piece I did as a pitch for the Adult Swim show Childrens Hospital.

I do a lot of these television/movie pitch pieces.  Every once in a while I’ll hit, like the “Youth In Revolt” poster.  Either way it’s good practice.  I used Painter 11 to illustrate this piece.  Seems there has been a little confusion from the responses I’ve been getting.  This is a painting, not a photograph.  I’m adding a close up to show the strokes below.  Click the images to Enlarge.

Any time I get to paint in an oil style, I’m happy.  Please feel free to share.

For those attending Comic Con NY stop by to see Wacom and Corel in booth #667. Corel has been gracious enough to invite me to join them on Friday, October 14 from 9 am ET to 2:30 pm ET.  I’ll be conducting a live DC Comics character painting tutorial from the show floor.  If you can’t make it out to the event you can still sign up to catch the live stream.  Click here to join us and pleas Share this link!

Click Here to see Video

 I was very fortunate to have been contacted by Hill Holliday – New York to take part in this multimedia project for Verizon.  Little did I know it would quickly become one of the most challenging and rewarding pieces I’ve ever worked on.  The good folks at Lava Studio have put together an incredible video explaining the Verizon Interactive Wall.

My piece of the puzzle was to create the painting of fans that would be used to cover the 30′ wall.  I also painted the “life-sized” characters in the foreground.  As you can see from watching the video the whole project was very “Minority Report-esque.”  Three monitors scroll over the entire wall and when triggered my static black and white illustration becomes a high definition video of the person.  Then a touch screen interactive graphic covers the screen allowing viewers to get stats, learn about products, etc.!  Very cool concept for a sci-fi enthusiast such as myself.

As I mentioned earlier, all of the assets I had to paint at actual size for reproduction on the wall.  I worked in shades of gray which either a green or blue light is cast, depending upon whether there is a Jets or Giants game that day.  I’ll attach some of the paintings I provided below to give you an idea of the detail needed.  The creative directors wanted the style to be realistic enough to blend with the video yet remain painterly.  Again, I chose to use Corel Painter to work.

The agency Branger_Briz worked with Lava to develop the interactive touch based i-Wall system.  This display won two interactive awards for 2011, the Golden Addy and the Charlie Award.  Again I am very happy to have been a part of it’s realization.  Now I just have to get out to Jersey to see it for myself!

Corel has posted my latest tutorial webinar for Painter 12.  In the video, I detail how I painted the image below.  If you missed it or want to check it out again, Please comment on the Corel Painter 12 YouTube page.  If enough people ask, I’ll do another.

Press play and click the 360p pulldown menu and switch to 720pHD, then expand to full screen for best viewing results.